Tarek El Mahaba October Issue - Page 44

Being a Stumbling Block to Others “Who is made to stumble, and I do not burn with indignation.” (2 Corinthians 11:29) and is often leads those in the faith to leave the church because they are treated worse than others. The Lord Almighty commanded all of us to be true soldiers in His army. However, God gave special people authority to be in positions of directing and being head of certain groups in church. It is a very honorable position but with it comes the responsibility. God will ask them more because they were given more. All servants in church should be a good example to those whom they serve. However, some servants practice partiality. They treat others better depending on social and/or economic status. So, taking sides and giving more time to certain people despite others are really in need for that time is a big sin. This is very wrong True servants of God must follow what is written in the Holy Book. Therefore, they need to treat all with love and impartiality as the Lord Christ taught us. They need to remember that the first fruit of the holy spirit is love. As a result, servants should love those whom they serve and help them as needed. A faithful servant cannot see a needy family and neglect to care for it, by making 44 an excuse that it is the responsibility of the State to care for it! However, when the servant helps those who are in need, they feel that God has sent someone to provide for their needs, a matter which strengthens their faith. Although the Lord Jesus Christ was preaching to the crowds, He was not content just to preach but served those who were hated and seen less in society like the tax collector. Furthermore, people get so offended when they see the servants with double standard. They behave in the church in one way, but in their everyday lives they behave in the opposite way. May the Lord almighty guide all of us to know how to glorify His holy name through our action and reaction.