Tarek El Mahaba New Year Magazine - Page 41

Happy New Year It is a New Year! Let us dedicate our hearts to the Lord Christ! We need to apply in our lives what God commands of us. Just as light cannot be hidden unless covered, so is the case with us as children of God. The Lord Jesus calls us to be the light of the world. Therefore, we need to become good witnesses of Him to the world around us. Also, He commands us to be the salt that flavors the society we live in. We need to share our faith by our Christian behavior. This is neither easy nor convenient. It is a difficult path of loving, serving, and forgiving those who are placed in our lives. We follow this path because our love for God compels us to imitate Him. “Therefore, be imitators of God as dear children” (Ephesians 5:1). Love, mercy, and grace is the central way we can draw closer to God. The Lord granted us another year. It is a clean slate and a fresh start if and only if we follow God’s commandments. and our Master redeemed us, shedding His holy blood on the wood of the cross promised us eternal life. It is essential that we acknowledge the price paid for us by 41 living a life that glorifies His holy name in this new year. Therefore, it is not right to behave and act in a similar manner as the unbelievers. We need to fix our eyes on the One who gave us the new beginning. Let us make New Year’s resolution to improve ourselves in the areas we struggle in. A new year gives us a reason to reflect and strive. Have a happy and blessed New Year!