Tarek El Mahaba New Year Magazine - Page 38

Complete Interior Detailing includes,(Rain or Shin) 1 st We vacuumed and air purged to loosen and remove dirt, dust particles from floor boards, seat pleats, rear shelf and all cracks and crevices, Pets hair removal. 2 nd All vinyl and leather components and trim are cleaned and treated like-new condition. 3 rd Special attention given to dash board, consoles, door panels and pockets. 4 th Carpet & upholstery are then pre-spotted, hand shampooed and finally deep cleaned with special carpet vacuum and steamer. 5 th Using odor eliminator shampoo 6 th Interior glass is cleaned with anti-fog cleaner (also we remove stickers if requested) Visit our Facebook page for reviews Interior Car Detailing @ Facebook 38 Fady Tadrous 609-712-4185