Tarek El Mahaba May Issue - Page 45

The Lord’s Resurrection The Lord’s crucifixion was an arrangement for saving us all, throughout Holy Week, we confessed the Lord Jesus’ power saying the different hymns and prayers. By the power of His Divinity, the Lord God was victorious over death. In His death, the Lord Christ saved those who rested in hope. The Lord opened the ‎ gates of Paradise so that Adam and his sons may enter. The resurrection is one of the major evidences that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. The Lord Christ's resurrection confirmed all He said and fulfilled all His prophecies. By His power, He came out of the closed tomb and trampled death by death. The Lord ascended into the heavens with a great power. He rose for us to clothe us with the new man and grant us eternal life when we follow His words. Therefore, we rejoice in the resurrection of the Lord Christ for He abolished death, and gave us the promise to be like Him. The resurrection of the Lord Christ was a promise towards our resurrection and the first-fruits of it. Our Lord Jesus Christ, who is all power, the Pantocratort, also grants power to our beautiful church and its 45 congregation. The power of the Resurrection is obvious in the life of the church’s saints. For example, Saint George given great power by God, was able to rip the emperor’s decree. Likewise, Saint Stephen scolded the Jews for not understanding the scripture and the prophecies. Also, the 21 martyrs of Libya received death but eternal life with Christ, and they did not fear it, on the contrary they were very strong and courageous. It is the power of God that worked in them and is what also should work in us. In the Glorious Feast of Resurrection, we ask the Lord God to grant us spiritual power to defeat the evil one.