Tarek El Mahaba June Issue - Page 45

Fruitful Servants The Lord Jesus set Himself as a good example to all servants. He is the true meaning for faithful servant, yet He is the creator of heaven and earth and everything within. Servants are people who‎ guide others to a holy life. Servants are ‎ humble and meek yet full of the Holy Spirit and life. They have wisdom to act and react to the different situations that they face in the service. They have the mind of the Lord Christ in both word and deed. They help and pray for all people to be successful in every aspect of their lives. The common goal for all those servant is to bring ‎everyone to the church and to our Lord. They love God and want all His creation to love Him as well. Sunday School servants are the ‎life lesson to those whom they serve. Through their holy life, they get others to love the Lord. Servants prepare t ‎ hemselves before preparing the lesson. They ‎ grow spiritually and experience growth. They enjoy the love of the Almighty through the hardship. By God’s power, they overcome the difficulties they may encounter. So, they know what may hinder a ‎person’s 45 spiritual life and help them to overcome obstacles, by God’s guidance. Fruitful servants get happy with those who come to church. At the same time, they take care of those who do not attend. They search and care ‎ for everyone who is absent and bring him/her back to church. ‎ They search for the ‎lost to return and pray for the salvation of a ‎ ll. They care for all to save them. Servants care for everyone with no exception. They are responsible and outreach those who get astray from the love of God. May the Lord Jesus help us all to be true and faithful servants for His name to be glorified in His holy church for ever and ever. ‎Amen