Tarek El Mahaba June Issue - Page 44

The Feast of Ascension “After the Lord had spoken to them, He was received up into heaven, and sat down at the right hand of God.” (Mark16:19) hand” means power and majesty and justice. The Lord did not leave heaven when He came down to us. Afterward the Lord Jesus sent His Holy Spirit to the disciples, as He promised them. Our beautiful church continues the mission of the Lord Christ through The church celebrates The Lord Almighty fills prayers, sacraments, and the feast of ascension on everywhere. During these preaching the word of God. Thursday, 40 days Whenever we gather after Resurrection. It to pray in His name, commemorates the our Lord Jesus is Lord Christ’s glories in the midst of us. ascension on the He is with us in the Mount of Olives into Church and in every heaven and the end spiritual meeting. of the resurrection He is with us in the appearances. Holy communion in According to the holy every liturgy. fathers, Ascension of the Lord Jesus The Lord Jesus into Heaven marks ascended in glory the completion of on a cloud. On His his earthly ministry second coming, He since He completed will come again in His mission in this glory on the clouds. world as a Savior. May the Lord Christ The Lord Christ has direct our sights to ascended into heaven Heaven where He is with a glorious body. The 40 days, the Lord prepared and where He was, so, we disciples entered to the and strengthened His holy live a life that glorifies His depth of the faith in that disciples for the service of holy name that was called glorious body during the preaching. He prepared upon us. Ascension. Our holy father them to bear Him witness also explained that, “Right to the whole world. 44