Tarek El Mahaba June Issue - Page 43

God is Love “But if you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? For even sinners love those who love them.” (Luke 6:32) God created us in His image. The Lord set Himself as a vivid example for us to follow. While our Lord God and Savior J e s u s Christ was on the cross, His first w o r d s of His love for mankind. He is the savior who came to save everyone even His adversaries and persecutors. His love for them was way greater than their hostility towards Him. Our holy fathers followed the Lord’s example of loving demonstrated practically how to love our adversaries. The Lord Jesus Christ mentioned those who were crucifying Him before mentioning Virgin Mary and Saint John the beloved. The Lord Jesus asked forgiveness to His persecutors because everyone. They followed His commandments that is written in the holy book. In the lives of the martyrs, who endured flogging, imprisonment, and death, they loved those who persecuted them and asked the Lord to forgive them. 43 Their eyes were fixed on the Lord and His kingdom. The virtue of love is very important we need to teach, live, and experience in our homes and church. We need to be moved by Christ, to love one another in the midst of pain and anger. As hatred m a y appear to spread, may our actions be guided by the w o rd s of our Savior a b o u t loving o n e another as the Almighty loved us. We need to spend time reading the Word of God diligently and carefully. May the Lord Jesus make us willing to share the healing power of love to whoever deals with us. Amen