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Lan Vietnamese Express was one of the first Vietnamese restaurants in Parksville , we have spent years curating our menu to deliver to you the most authentic and fresh taste possible . We start with the healthiest ingredients in our food so that every bite you taste is rich and flavourful . Our menu is the most versatile & unique among restaurants in the central vancouver island area with 20 appetizer options and over 50 entrees . Explore all that Vietnam has to offer in one Parksville restaurant . Make sure to Discover as much of Vietnam as possible within our menu !
Is it possible to build an entire empire on one single dish ? In the case of Lan Vietnamese Express Restaurant , the answer is definitely yes . It ’ s assumed that between Lan ’ s two restaurants more than 200 of Our signature spring rolls , nem nuong cuon , are made each day . Like Tom Vuu ’ s Momofuku pork belly buns , the dish has enabled countless imitators since first being created almost two decades ago , but no one can touch Lan ’ s original spring roll Recipe . It ' s a masterpiece of layering garlic-spiked grilled Vietnamese sausage , a crisp wonton stick , lettuce , fresh herbs , and pickled carrots rolled in healthy rice paper , including one long spring of green onion . Served alongside our closely guarded secret recipe and secret dip . The full menu is packed with great soups and customary dishes too , but you wouldn ' t be the first to just order a pile of those spring rolls and call it a day .
Discover the preferred destination in parksville for Vietnamese cuisine , Starting with the freshest ingredients possible . We have worked tirelessly for over 15 years to create authentic dishes to bring you to experience and the very best that our home country of Vietnam has to offer . Lan Vietnamese Express was the first to bring Special Vietnamese dishes like , Vietnamese Crepe , Vietnamese Pho , and other Vietnamese Specials to Parksville . Our family-owned restaurant has been serving the small communities of the Central Vancouver Island area here for over 20 years . With our unique menu and expert chefs , we bring all the authentic tastes of Saigon to you right here in Parksville . Come in for lunch or dinner today . Walk-ins Takeout and food delivery service are all services we offer here at Lan Vietnamese Express . Please note that while delivery may be available through