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Amy Schofield Mixify Polish Cosmetics Mixify Polish began as a fun alternative to a traditional bachelorette party. It developed into a quest to integrate the lost art of craft into modern lifestyle. Far beyond a standard manicure, Mixify Polish’s create-your-own nail polish kits offer an experience to design your signature artisan nail colors with your friends and family. Each kit comes with 8 colors to create any color imaginable! “I love playing with color and want to share my passion. I love being able to create the EXACT color I want for that special occasion. More than that, I love creating with others.” What is your favorite part in the process of designing products? Getting messy!! My favorite part in designing is not what I design, it’s what I see you design. I love seeing the colors people create, seriously, there have been no bad colors! Even more than this, I love seeing the look of sheer joy and amazement on people’s faces, men (yes men!) and women alike, when they see what they’ve created and that it looks great! What is the biggest challenge you face during your daily schedule? Finding that balance between home and business – the struggle is real! Laundry vs. creating… I know what wins every time! I’ve spent many a late night creating, but it’s worth it. It’s in creating that I better understand the product and can build a better experience for our customers. What advice would you give to someone considering a similar path? Be distinctive, be authentic, be creative! In an industry where there are a lot of options, it is the differences that help you stand out. MixifyPolish.com 10 | Vol. 10 | GBK’s Celebrity Gift Lounge Honoring the Golden Globes