Systema International Issue One September 2013 - Page 4

Hi and welcome to the first issue of Systema International!

SI is a brand new online publication exploring all aspects of the Russian m martial art Systema and associated topics. Our primary focus is the work of

Mikhail Ryabko and Vladimir Vasiliev but we welcome good input from any o source. We also hope to reflect the name of the magazine by including input f from all around the world - after all Systema is now a global phenomenon

I’m pleased that our first major interview is with Vladimir Vasiliev who, for m most of us outside Russia was our first contact with Systema. I met V Vladimir on his first visit to the UK some years back and it’s no exaggeration to say he changed my outlook on martial arts (and many other things) considerably! As his Toronto school celebrates it’s 20th anniversary we get some thoughts from the man himself - I’m sure you will find it interesting reading

Speaking of first visits to the UK, we recently enjoyed a weekend workshop with Valentin Talanov. Valentin is a long time student of Mikhail Ryabko and shared many interesting drills and exercises with the group - you can read all about it in our Workshop Report feature

Alongside that we have an article about the Cossacks, a Club Focus on Systema Stevenage, a workshop round-up , Systema Knife review and more. Please feel free to get in touch with any ideas for articles, features, or if you would like to be in our Club Focus.

In the meantime I’d like to thank everyone who helped with the production of this issue and we are already planning the next one, due out late November. I hope you enjoy it!

Happy Training!

Rob Poyton



By now many of you will have seen that Vladimir is the main feature in the Aug/Sep 2013 edition of Black Belt magazine

Black Belt is one of the longest running martial art publications. First published in 1961, Black Belt features interviews with the world’s most prestigious martial artists and historical pieces on the philosophies of various combat styles, as well as in-depth coverage of the latest techniques, weapons, self-defense systems, training regimens and industry trends.

You can order copies direct from Black Belt or some signed copies may still be available from Toronto HQ