Synaesthesia Magazine Hush-Hush | Page 5

30 32 Poem Stacy Post Short Story Hannah Harlow Clearing the Detritus 36 38 A Secret Place Poem Olivia Behan I’ll Put You in My Pit 54 Interview Xiaofan Wang Secrets of an Untamed Little Wolf 56 Illustration Damaris Sulser 44 46 Poem Eloisa Amezcua Short Story Cindy Matthews Long Distance Photography Alex Charilaou A Threadbare Towel Flash fiction Elizabeth Schmuhl Poem Gina Williams Poem Susannah Betts Recovery texting lies to you How I Learned to French Kiss 64 66 62 Short Story Miriam Foley How the Years Go 70 51 Photography Laura Riva 52 Poem Rachel Long Patterns