Synaesthesia Magazine Americana - Page 65

Leigh Cuen is a young poet and journalist from California, currently living by the Mediterranean Sea. Her writings have been published by Al Jazeera English, The Jerusalem Post, World Literature Today and many others.

The girl who followed me onto 6th Avenue Heart Ache

In San Francisco

Never saw it coming.

(We rode the bus all the way

to the inner Mission,

past the crest of Castro’s hills

where the city twinkled beneath us like a landscape of fallen stars.

We wandered astray


deep into the earth).

She knew too little of romance, found Coldplay ‘somewhat over the top’

but still let me play those sad songs

while we kissed.

The girl with pink and purple fantasies

closed doors in my face

portals shrank

windows broke open

tears flooded the hall.

I liked to think I was the elixir

that made her body swell

It was I who licked her tenderly

with the sweet decadence of frosting

made her weep for the past

like the familiar scent of a grandmother’s cake

served with warm tea on a rainy day.

We consumed each other all night

and in the morning

the taste of madness

still lingered on our lips.