Synaesthesia Magazine Americana - Page 56

Wanted: Mexican peasants.

No need for Latin ancestry or accent.

Required: big white pants, mustache

And racially insensitive bandit threat.

One innocent Girl, makeup flawless always.

Be aware, makeup doesn’t exist in the village.

Must love a cowboy but resist it – poorly.

She should bare her legs for same. Be tasteful.

Wanted: white guy Hero – but not too white.

We prefer blue eyes but will accept grey/green

If applicant can really see a desert vista.

You know what I mean, see?

Hero who cannot look wistful and lonesome

Need not apply.

Kill someone the Girl grew up with – in a bar fight.

Fall in love with the Girl. Remain deadpan.

Wanted: Horse.

Big, solid color, able to glisten on command.

Must carry the Hero into battle against bandits.

Be patient, The Hero is just a cowboy.

apply inside

Connor Madigan is a third year student at the University of Iowa studying English and creative writing. His poetry, fiction, and nonfiction has appeared in Ink Lit Mag, Earthwords, Aberrant Parade, and Cigale Literary Magazine. Connor is actively seeking candidates to write gospels in his bible reboot.

Photograph: Carlotta Eden