So far this has been a season of unprecedented changes for all children due to the COVID 19 response . If you are set to move to or from Europe soon , take heart . School Liaison Officers ( SLOs ) are ready to work with you in helping your child transition into their new school and community .
If you are leaving Europe or moving to Europe , the SLO at your new duty station can provide local information on status of schools and activities where you will be living . Your Europe SLO can assist you in finding the SLO at your new duty station and provide your family a warm hand-off to a great resource of up-todate local information and support !
For more information on COVID19 mitigation measures being taken in the DoDEA schools please go to DODEA COVID19 information

In-Person OR Virtual Instruction

In DoDEA Europe over 98 % of students received in-person instruction for the 2021-2022 school year . A limited number of virtual instruction slots will be made available for the 2022-2023 school year and are intended primarily for students and families with health vulnerabilities . Enrollment is for the entire year and must have an approved exception to policy for a request to be changed . You can indicate your choice during registration . If no choice is made , in-person instruction is the default . For questions to DoDEA Europe about virtual school , email DVS . Europe @ dodea . edu . If your child has special education needs and you have questions about virtual school support , email DVS . Support . Europe @ dodea . edu . A virtual option may be implemented in the form of remote learning with current in-person teacher ( s ) for classrooms or entire schools if there are COVID19 outbreaks . DoDEA Europe works closely with Army Medical Command to stay upto-date on current community conditions .
Please contact your SLO prior to arrival so we can assist you with relevant up-to-date information . Virtual option information virtual school FAQs