Sweet Auburn: The Magazine of the Friends of Mount Auburn President Bill Clendaniel Retires | Page 6

“I’d worked on environmental issues be- fore I came to Mount Auburn, and I was impressed that Bill was very interested in the scientific aspects of environmentalism, the real nitty-gritty issues. “When Bill told the Board that he wanted to retire, we wanted to get a feel for what he had done here. One of the staff told us how terrific Bill had been when a relative of his had died,how solicitous he was, writing a letter to him afterward. The staff member said he felt that he was really cared for. “I will miss Bill’s manner and intellectual acuity. He works extremely well with the Board. He listens very carefully and is a leader…he is also very good at external affairs, giving speeches, raising money, and representing Mount Auburn in the greater community. He’s good at being the embodiment of Mount Auburn out in the culture.” — Ann M. Roosevelt, of Cambridge Vice Chair, Mount Auburn Cemetery Trustees; First Female Mount Auburn Trustee Under Bill’s watch, the dedicated and inspired work of Vice President of Interpretive Programs Janet Heywood grew the selection of Friends programs exponentially, until, today 70 or more walks, tours, lectures, and workshops are offered each year. And, beginning in 2005, Bill personally conceived of the especially rich array of programs to cel- ebrate the Cemetery’s 175th Anniversary in 2006-2007. “It’s a great adage in fundraising that if you don’t ask you don’t get,” Bill says. “It became clearer and clearer to me as the years went by that fundraising could be an important part of the answer to our income needs—if we found better ways of telling people about Mount Auburn. So we’ve gotten more and more sophisticated about telling our story. The 175th Anniversary Year was a great opportunity to tell it to a lot of new audiences.” New Ideas, New Departments Bill had inherited a loyal, hardworking staff, but he recognized that Mount Auburn had gaps to fill and skills to update. Following the Master Plan’s recommendation, he hired Mount Auburn’s first Director of Horticulture, David Barnett, who came aboard in 1993. Bill hired the fir