Sweet Auburn: The Magazine of the Friends of Mount Auburn President Bill Clendaniel Retires | Page 3

A Conversation with Bill Clendaniel By Stephen H. Anable Communications Coordinator & Writer “Bill came in with a real sense of the need for change while valuing and respecting the past. At any organization you have to fi gure out what you’re trying to do, what resources you have, and how to marshal those resources to carry out the mission. It starts with a vision, and Bill had that vision.” — Laura johnson President of the Massachusetts Audubon Society and former Mount Auburn Trustee V isionary, historian, lawyer, executive, preservationist—Bill Clendaniel has mastered many roles. He assumed the presidency of Mount Auburn Cemetery 20 years ago, at a time when this venerable in- stitution seemed vulnerable—on the verge of running out of space and in need of invigora- tion. During his ensuing decades of service, he has transformed the Cemetery, restoring the best of its past while redefi ning its role as an active cemetery, cultural treasure, and community resource. Summer 2008 | 1