Sweet Auburn: The Magazine of the Friends of Mount Auburn President Bill Clendaniel Retires | Page 27

Preservation Endowment Fund People and Happenings To Honor Bill Clendaniel and Support a Cherished Landmark Friends of Mount Auburn realize that this remarkable landscape is home to a stunning collection of structures ranging from chapels to monuments to wrought-iron fences that serve not only as memorials to those who have died but as eloquent witnesses to America’s history. This is a legacy in which we all can take pride. Thanks to Bill Clendaniel’s vision and leadership, preservation of this legacy is now a core part of Mount Auburn’s mission. In fact, Mount Auburn has become a nationally recognized role model in preservation, setting a standard for other historic sites, as evidenced by the Cemetery’s receiving in 2007 the Trustees’ Emeritus Award for Excellence in the Stewardship of Historic Sites from the National Trust for Historic Preservation, as well as recognition in 2007 from the Watertown Historical Commission and in 2008 from the Cambridge Historical Commission. However, the work of stewardship is costly and ongoing, requiring talented staff as well as visiting consultants. In honor of Bill’s dedication and passion to preserve this cherished landscape, the Trustees and Friends of Mount Auburn Cemetery have established the Preservation Endowment Fund. Please make a gift to the Preservation Endowment Fund today. Your support will both honor Bill Clendaniel and help ensure that future generations can experience the Cemetery’s unique collection of architec- ture, monuments, and archives. And, because Mount Auburn serves as a role model to emulate, when you support Mount Auburn you sustain and enhance the preservation field itself. * Remembering the Preservation Endowment Fund through a charitable gift annuity or other planned giving is a wonderful way to support Mount Auburn. For further information or to make a gift please contact: Priscilla P. Morris, Senior Vice President of Development Mount Auburn Cemetery, 580 Mount Auburn Street Cambridge, MA 02138, 617-607-1919 [email protected]. * Gifts received to date for the Preservation Endowment Fund total over $150,000, (June 30, 2008). Preservation funds at work: From top: A large branch from a sugar maple tree fell into the Brown and Little lots on Chapel Avenue during a windy weekend in March, damaging several monuments. A backhoe was needed to reposition one particularly heavy monument. The monuments in the Brown and Little lots before repair. A sandstone cross from the lots, after repair with a “before” photo showing storm damage. Summer 2008 | 25