Sweet Auburn: The Magazine of the Friends of Mount Auburn Community, Conservation & Citizen Science - Page 8

Nicole Weber, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Program Director Science in Education program, Lesley Graduate School of Education, will mentor a graduate research assistant and author a case study of the Consecration Dell woodland restoration project. where ALL children feel empowered and supported to engage in STEM-based careers and sustainable solutions.” In another upcoming program this summer, teenage youth from the Mass Audubon Habitat Trekkers program will have a chance to work alongside researchers this summer in four day-long programs. Additionally, Lesley community arts graduate Laura Katherine will work with Rauchwerk starting in the fall of 2017 to extend the Wonder Lab offerings and start a homeschool program for children ages 6 to 16 that supports citizen science research and education outreach at Mount Auburn. Rauchwerk will collaborate with Associate Professor Nicole Weber on the assessment of education materials and citizen science curriculum efforts. Weber, who directs the Science in Education Graduate Program and co-directs the EcoNet Lab with Rauchwerk at Lesley, has broad experience ranging from researching monkeys to teaching high school. For this project, she will work to create design-centered case studies with local teachers and graduate students to capture the nuances of real-world data, systems thinking, and creative solution brainstorming for teachers to utilize as learning tools for their classrooms. The first case-study will focus on Consecration Dell, the site of a 20-year native woodland restoration project at Mount Auburn. 6 | Sweet Auburn For the education side of the project, the long-term goal is to develop visitor-accessible materials that contribute to monitoring the biodiversity of the Cemetery. Lesley faculty are highly experienced in field research, teach- ing, and mentoring citizen scientists, and will collaborate with Mount Auburn staff on programs and activities that increase visitor confidence, knowledge, skills, and literacy in science. Both Rauchwerk and Weber will collaborate with Assistant Professor Jeffrey Perrin, a social science researcher who teaches psychology and applied therapies. Perrin will survey visitors for their usage, attitudes, and perceptions of the environment to help Mount Auburn better design its educational materials. His work will also contribute to the growing literature on how nature impacts people in different areas, urban and otherwise. On the urban ecology side of the project, four Lesley scientists will collect and analyze data on insects (pollinators and ants), bats, birds, air, and water, and will collaborate with Mount Auburn staff and wildlife consultants to analyze previously collected data on birds, amphibians, fish, and reptiles. With the combined results, the team will make recommendations for restoring habitat, develop protocols for monitoring biodiversity, and provide more content for educational materials. Jeffrey Perrin, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psychology, Lesley College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, will survey visitors for their attitudes, perceptions, and usage of Mount Auburn.