Sweet Auburn: The Magazine of the Friends of Mount Auburn Community, Conservation & Citizen Science - Page 5

Sketch for a shared memorial by Karin Sprague Stone Carvers, Inc. gardens happens to be for the burial of cremated remains. At Spruce Knoll the remains are poured directly into the earth, while urns containing cremated remains are buried at Beech Garden and the Willow Pond Rain Garden lot. Our recent Cemetery Development projects have favored the creation of burial space for cremated remains, rather than caskets, in reaction to the growing demand and interest for cremation burial space. Presently, however, there is still enough interest in casket burials that Mount Auburn continues looking for creative ways to add more casket space into the landscape. One new development that will satisfy this demand is Crystal Avenue, which the Cemetery narrowed from 20’ to 10’ last summer to accommodate casket burials. The graves sold on Crystal Avenue have also been planned to allow for small upright memorials. For both casket and cremation burial space, the most important defining characteristic of a new burial development is how the individuals will be memorialized. In general, Mount Auburn restricts the number of structural elements being added to the landscape to Recent expansion of Spruce Knoll. Staff and trustees consider new burial options that will enhance the Cemetery landscape. ensure that we maintain the careful balance between art and nature for which Mount Auburn is known. We also understand how important it is to families to have some recognition of one’s life carved in stone. Consequently, many of Mount Auburn’s new developments are designed with ‘shared memorials.’ The shared granite markers at Spruce Knoll, Beech Garden, and the Willow Pond Rain Garden each allow for the listing of 24 names, each name corresponding to an individual whose cremated remains are buried near the marker. In these cases, because Mount Auburn owns the markers, families are purchasing both the right to be buried and right to inscribe a name and dates on the shared marker. At Beech Garden, families can opt to purchase their own granite marker, though this private marker must still adhere to the cemtery’s guidelines on size and material. The Cemetery staff loves this landscape as much as its visitors. Indeed, many of Mount Auburn’s own are now buried here, too. We care for the all of it – resident, monument, tree, and vale. It’s our honor to protect and listen to this garden of graves. Rain garden at Willow Pond. 2017 Volume 2 | 3