Sweet Auburn: The Magazine of the Friends of Mount Auburn An Oasis for Birds and Birders - Page 13

27 26 29 1. Heron atop the Mary Baker Eddy Monument, photo by Brian A. Sullivan 2. Blue-headed Vireo, photo by Bob Stymeist 3. Barred Owl, photo by Regina Harrison, Mount Auburn Staff 4. Robin’s Nest in a Monument, photo by Sherry Leffert 5. Red-tailed Hawk on a Monument, photo by Tom Johnson, Mount Auburn Staff 6. White-throated Sparrow, photo by Anne Haggerty 7. Blackburnian Warbler, photo by Chris Livingston 8. Hooded Merganser, photo by Volunteer Helen Abrams 9. Ruby Crowned Kinglet, photo by Chris Livingston 28 10. Turkeys by the Pond, photo by Lori Harris 11. Robin’s Nest in a Monument, photo by Brian A. Sullivan 12. Yellow Warbler In Bradford Pear, photo by Brooks Mathewson 13. H ouse Wren, photo by Sean McMahon 14. Barred Owl on a Branch above Indian Ridge Path, photo by Ken Sloan 15. Hermit Thrush, photo by Sean McMahon 16. Great Horned Owl, photo by Janet L. Heywood 17. Northern Parula, photo by Brooks Mathewson 18. Magnolia Warbler In Canada Yew, photo by Brooks Mathewson 19. Green Heron at Auburn Lake, photo by Sherry Leffert 20. Northern Saw-whet Owl, photo by Alberto Parker, Mount Auburn Staff 21. Red-tailed Hawk, photo by David Pallin 22. Red-tailed Hawk, photo by John “Garp” Harrison 23. Black-billed Cuckoo, photo by Jeffrey Offermann 24. Red-winged Blackbird, photo by George McLean 25. Mallard Duckling, photo by Rich Turk 26. House Finch, photo by George McLean 27. Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, photo by John “Garp” Harrison 28. Screech Owl, photo by John “Garp” Harrison 29. Ruby-throated Hummingbird, photo by Ken Sloan 30. Red-tailed Hawk, photo by Jessica Bussmann, Mount Auburn Staff 30 Spring/Summer 2012 | 11