Sweet Auburn: The Magazine of the Friends of Mount Auburn A Modern Vision for an Historic Cemetery - Page 7

As shown here in MVVA’s Hazel Path plan, natural boulders are being installed on the woodland slope to appear as if they have always been there, and some of these boulders will provide memorial inscription space for cremation burials. A diverse mix of trees, shrubs, and herbaceous groundcovers will enhance the naturalistic landscape around the boulders and along the “woodland path,” creating a seamless transition between woodland below and meadow above. Several strategically placed obelisks, designed to be compatible with existing upright monuments nearby, will provide additional space for memorial inscriptions, all with a spectacular view of the Boston skyline. We look forward to completion of the Hazel Path project in the spring, and I hope that you visit the Tower frequently over the next few months to observe the progress of its development. Wildflower Meadow at Washington Tower as seen a few steps away from the upper end of Hazel Path. Map courtesy of Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates, Inc. View towards Consecration Dell woodland from lower end of Hazel Path. 2018 Volume 1i | 5