Sweet Auburn: The Magazine of The Friends 2021 Vol. 1 - Page 13

sweet auburn | 2021 volume i

Teens for Trees Tour with

Dave Barnett and

Mount Auburn Staff

eens for Trees is a summer youth work program run by

T Trees for Watertown , which protects and replenishes

Watertown ’ s urban forest through education , handson data collection , community collaboration , and expert tree care . In the summer of 2019 , six teens learned about trees holistically through the lenses of stewardship , botany , art , forest bathing , civic engagement , activism , history , landscape design , and more .
Thanks to Dave Barnett and partnerships with Mount Auburn Cemetery , Watertown ’ s Department of Public Works , and Speak for the Trees Boston , the teens took fourteen field trips and expertly guided experiences that summer . By far their favorite day was visiting President Dave Barnett for tours of Consecration Dell in mid-July .
According to the program ’ s 2019 final report , “ Mount Auburn Cemetery became a special space for the group . They were given ample time to explore and relax in the cemetery and experience being surrounded by a large quantity of healthy trees . Teens often remarked that they could not believe a place like this was in Watertown . They said the air smelled better and they simply felt ecstatic being in the Cemetery without being able to pinpoint why .” You can learn more about the program at www . tfwteensfortrees . org
The Teens would like to offer their best wishes to Dave on his new adventures and heartfelt thanks for an unforgettable summer .