Sweet Auburn: The Magazine of The Friends 2021 Vol. 1 | Page 16

Introducing our Strategic Bridge Plan and Climate Action & Sustainability Plan : An Inspired Future for Mount Auburn

By Dave Barnett President & CEO

I n the last issue of Sweet Auburn , Pat Jacoby and I introduced our recently approved Statement of Mission , Vision and Values , resulting from a year-long process . We highlighted the ten values that define our organizational beliefs and commitments and will guide future planning . We also mentioned that we were in the process of completing a new Strategic Plan . I am now pleased to share the highlights of that plan , approved by the Trustees in January .

Strategic Bridge Plan : With my own pending retirement in September , as well as the anticipated succession to a new Board Chair , the bridge plan establishes goals and objectives for the eighteenmonth period — starting January 1 , 2021 — to ensure a successful transition in leadership as well as an assessment of organizational capacity aimed at expanding strength and resilience . The plan makes important progress in advancing Mount Auburn ’ s vision and values and addresses emerging and critical priorities in response to external forces , including the coronavirus pandemic ; a renewed dialog about racial justice , equity , and inclusion ; and a bellwether year for climate events . The plan affirms that Mount Auburn will continue to be both an “ active cemetery ” and a “ cultural institution ,” and it includes action steps designed to ensure that these foundational aspects of our mission are carried out in proper balance with each other .