Sweet Auburn: The Magazine of The Friends 2021 Vol. 1 | Page 11

sweet auburn | 2021 volume i
ave and I have had various working relationships but none as

D important as the friendship we share . We go back to the Watertown Belmont Chamber of Commerce , and my family ’ s business on

Coolidge Hill Road is also a Cemetery neighbor . Dave has a very quiet confidence about him that I have always admired . The Dave Barnett Era at Mount Auburn will not be forgotten . I want to thank Dave for his contributions to the Cemetery and to the communities that the Cemetery serves . I mostly want to thank him for his contribution to life . His positivity and personality make everyone and everything around him better .
— Bob Airasian Mount Auburn Cemetery Trustee

D avid , I have been so honored to be affiliated with Mount Auburn , and I thank you for allowing me that privilege . I wish you well with your retirement . You are a special person , with great knowledge of what you do and so great to the people who work for you . You show warmth and personality and the Cemetery has been fortunate to have you there . Mount Auburn is a wonderful place and you are a wonderful guy , it was a perfect combination ! Your shoes will be hard to fill . All the Airasians hold you in the highest regard !

— John Airasian Mount Auburn Council of Visitors
henever I think about Dave Barnett , I smile . It ’ s

W because Dave radiates good cheer and enthusiasm for all the people and undertakings of his life . He can ’ t help it — it ’ s just who he is . And the ramifications of Dave ’ s joyful approach to life ripple happily outward into all of our lives . How perfect that he has directed our country ’ s most esteemed Mount Auburn Cemetery to become even more beautiful , more focused on sustainability and wildlife habitat , and available to more people . How remarkable that he has raised so much money for cancer research through running the Boston Marathon every year . And how wonderful that he has brought his people and horticultural skills to so many organizations , including the American Public Gardens Association and the Horticultural Club of Boston . Dave not only leaves behind an illustrious career of horticultural leadership , but also a legacy of how to live a whole-hearted life .

— Julie Messervy President & CEO , Julie Moir Messervy Design Studio