Sustainability Report 2021 - Page 7

Sustainability Report 2021
Robbie Brown
Chairman Scottish Leather Group
Iain McFadyen
CEO Scottish Leather Group
2021 is an auspicious year for those of us at the forefront of sustainable business in Scotland with Glasgow hosting the United Nations Climate Change Conference ( COP26 ). The Group is playing its part in welcoming the global sustainability community to this landmark event in Glasgow in November 2021 .
Scottish Leather Group is actively supporting the roadmap to COP26 ambitions in collaboration with Circular Glasgow , in partnership with Glasgow Chamber and as an ambassador for Circular Glasgow . We are delighted to be supporting others such as CBI on their own roadmap to COP26 . We do this as an examplar whilst also invited to mentor other local businesses . We are actively engaged with other Scottish business networks , including the Scottish Net Zero Community .
We were delighted to receive the VIBES award recognising our industry leading sustainability performance and our efforts in supporting the local recovery from Covid-19 . These included manufacturing PPE for local schools and frontline medical staff , providing food distribution logistics and resources to several local charities , wellbeing initiatives and implementing our own Covid-safe protocols allowing adaptable working .
Data used throughout this report is generated or verified by third parties , and we are pleased to report improved metrics , full ongoing compliance and a reduced Life Cycle Impact of our product . We also include for the first time an innovation agenda which seeks to provide opportunities in a changing world , novel leathers and new materials to support our customers ’ sustainability journey and innovative opportunities for utilisation of our collagen raw material .
We anticipate a future where our traditions and values are maintained , with innovation and sustainability as pillars at the heart of our brand ’ s future .
It is our pride and our responsibility to produce this most beautiful , long lasting and versatile leather in ways that do not use irreplaceable resources and do not damage the environment , either within our supply chain , or following its primary purpose .
We invite you to learn more about our progress , achievements and aspirations and to continue following our journey and events to COP26 and beyond .