Sustainability Report 2021 - Page 6

Scottish Leather Group


We are very proud of the contribution we are making in leading our sector and creating a more sustainable future . This report demonstrates the work so far . Our long heritage and spiritual history has helped shape our values going forward .

We are particularly excited that we are closing in on two of our longer term 2025 ‘ zero ’ targets .
We can report that all of our suppliers are signatories to our Code of Conduct , inspired by the requirements of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals ( SDGs ) and our commitment to consolidate these standards in our supply chain .
We are pleased to reaffirm our commitment to the UN Global Compact . This year ’ s report showcases our expanding effort to support all 17 of the UN SDGs .
We have continued on our sustainability journey in the past year despite Covid-19 lockdown restrictions and widespread business disruption . We are all reminded that sustainability is not only a virtuous steady state of operations but also a resilience and agility of business purpose .
At the heart of that purpose is a concern for the safety and wellbeing of our employees , contractors and the communities that surround our manufacturing sites ; something on which we will never compromise .
Despite the recent challenges and alternative working arrangements , we have increased our local engagement and aided local charities , both financially and through the efforts of our staff . Our high standards of compliance have been retained throughout , despite these constraints .
We believe we will emerge from this crisis as a more resilient company and that these events have strengthened our core beliefs .
Our main customer sector has seen a dynamic shift in recent years with the advent of low , or even zero , emission vehicles becoming reality . Our novel and unique low carbon offering , as detailed in this report and measured using Life Cycle Analysis , directly supports its transition to electric platforms . There is no doubt that all sectors are seeing a shift towards a sustainable future , captured under a variety of initiatives , all with the same aim .