Sustainability Report 2021 - Page 47

Sustainability Report 2021

“ We operate a robust auditing program in accordance and beyond the requirements of our ISO accreditations .”

We operate a vigorous auditing program in accordance with and beyond the requirements of our ISO accreditations , and are pleased to report full compliance to all of these metrics . The data and commitments provided within this report are also independently audited and verified by BSI .
Our supply chain partners , contractors and suppliers have ALL signed our Code of Conduct which expressly requires them to apply , as a minimum , the same standards of employment , behaviours , legality , and ethical practices as we do , and encourages them to continue this philosophy of supply chain integrity . Over the year to come we will be setting standards for scope one and two emissions within that supply chain , as per the Science Based Reporting Initiatives .
We are committed to ensuring that there is transparency and fairness in all areas of our business . Key areas of focus have included the issue of modern slavery in our supply chain , and we require our contractors and suppliers to follow the same high standards that we hold ourselves to . We ensure that our staff are trained to look for indicators that could point to human exploitation and if there is any suspicion , however small , it is reported . No incident has been evident or reported from within our supply chain .
Scottish Leather Group has already taken steps with our supply chain to determine the origin of any potential conflict minerals ( 3TG ) and work closely with them to actively seek to identify and eliminate the use of conflict minerals or support armed conflict or violence . This has recently included the application of blockchain techniques . No such materials have been identified .