Sustainability Report 2021 - Page 46

Scottish Leather Group
UN Sustainable Development Goal 16 : Peace , justice and strong institutions

Good governance is fundamental to responsible business .

The Group operates a robust zero tolerance approach toward noncompliance . The oversight by our Executive Board and real time monitoring by regulatory and other third parties ensures compliance is consistent to , or exceeds requirements of , the highest standards . This is fundamental to being a responsible business and an exemplar in our sector .
Our commitment to The United Nations Global Compact ( UNGC ) requires adherence to all of the SDG principles and supply chain governance . We have satisfied ourselves and our auditors in meeting the UNGC gap analysis self-assessment .
The UNGC broadly defines good governance via eight metrics , as a measure towards conforming to SDG 16 : 1 . Participation , via freedom of association and expression by all ;
2 . Impartial implementation of the rule of law where compliance is an obligation ;
3 . To meet the broad consensus for the best interests of all within an equitable society where societal wellbeing is increased ;
4 . Using processes and functions for maximum output and shareholder return ;
5 . Being accountable to customers ;
6 . Being accountable to regulators ;
7 . Being accountable to stakeholders ;
8 . Operating transparently , providing clear , understandable information and being independently accredited .
We actively consult , seeking feedback from customers , stakeholders and staff alike . We act upon that and continually strive to perform better . We practice fairness in all of our dealings with stakeholders , suppliers and employees . Our staff are trained to identify poor or unwelcome practices and for these to be reported and acted upon . The directors are responsible for ensuring this integrity is maintained and subjected to oversight by the main board and its Non-Executive Director representation .
We believe compliance is a given . We operate a robust hierarchy of daily ( real time ), weekly KPI and monthly compliance assessments , to the most stringent global regulatory standards . These results are reported internally to our Executive Board and externally to our regulatory bodies .