Sustainability Report 2021 - Page 44

Scottish Leather Group

Net zero carbon local farming .

Over 98 % of our raw hides are procured locally within the UK and Ireland . UK farms rank among the highest on the World Animal Protection Index .
We procure 79.9 % of our hides from abattoirs , part of Quality Meat Scotland ’ s whole of life , whole of supply chain assurance scheme . Quality Meat Scotland are world pioneers in Quality Assurance , building standards around principles of high animal welfare , and sustainable Scottish production .
Carbon is stored as carbohydrates in plants and consumed by cows
Carbon dixoide ( CO₂ ) is captured by plants after photosynthesis
The carbon converts to methane ( CH₄ ) when released from the cow
Methane ( CH₄ ) is converted to carbon dioxide ( CO₂ ) through hydroxyl oxidation