Sustainability Report 2021 - Page 43

Sustainability Report 2021
We source our raw hides locally from responsible suppliers , without risk of deforestation , transparently and with full traceability .
We are privileged to be able to source and trace our raw hides within the UK and Ireland as regulated within the Cattle Tracing Scheme . This ensures we can provide our customers with guaranteed provenance and ethical practices which are independently rated by the Animal Protection Index as being of the highest global standard .
We procure over 98 % of our raw hides from UK and Irish sources . These include 79.9 % of all Scottish grass-fed livestock – which enjoy the assurance of the UK Cattle Tracing Scheme ( CTS ) managed by the British Cattle Movement Service and considered to be ‘ net zero ’.
All cattle in the UK and EU are individually identified and have their movements traced throughout their lives . This is important for two reasons : It supports control and eradication of bovine diseases and it protects consumers by ensuring that both hides and food products going into the human food chain are fully traceable and safe .
In addition to the benefit of transparency provided by the CTS , and in support of SDG12 , we are actively working with our supply chain to apply blockchain technologies to reinforce the security and transparency of the whole supply chain , from farm to customer .
We are actively engaged with meat sector bodies implementing model farming practices and increasing the value of the natural grass-fed landscape . This UK grass-based farming network provides for a net zero source of raw material . The UK Committee on Climate Change have suggested UK agriculture will , as a whole , be net zero by 2030 .
The UK has also , through its Agriculture Bill , recently introduced initiatives towards reforestation .
Gareth Scott
Hide Procurement and By-Product Sales Director Scottish Leather Group