Sustainability Report 2021 - Page 41

Sustainability Report 2021

“ We are committed to the sustainable manufacturing of leather and reducing the footprint of our own operations .”

Sustainability is valued more highly than ever by consumers and customers across all industries – and rightly so . We are proud that our journey to zero , backed by rigorous analysis , leads the leather industry .
Life Cycle Analysis ( LCA ) is a methodology for measuring the true long-term impact of a service or product . LCA examines all the steps in a product ’ s life from the extraction of raw materials , through all working processes , to distribution , maintenance and what happens to it at end-of-life .
LCA ’ s ‘ cradle to grave ’ analysis is a powerful tool for measuring how responsible our consumption and production is , enabling a true and fair comparison against the impact of other products and materials .
We ask independent specialist consultants to measure the true impact of our activities , verify the impact of our supply chains , and identify opportunities for impact reduction .
Our Life Cycle Analysis backs up our claim and verifies that we make the world ’ s lowest carbon intensity leather . Today ’ s customers demand transparency and independently verified sustainability data , which our LCA provides . All of the data used in our LCA study is third party accredited and verified to ISO14016 – energy use , waste carbon intensity , carbon footprint , chemical use , water use , and more .
The Group is committed to the sustainable manufacturing of leather and reducing the carbon footprint of our operations . Life Cycle Analysis is a living tool , not just a snapshot and we are driven to continuously improve .
Regularly measuring the impact of every part of our supply chains and processes enables us to identify ‘ hotspots ’ and opportunities for improvement .
This LCA-driven ‘ responsible innovation ’ process encourages us to increase our use of renewable energy , find new ways to increase the value and reusability of of our coproducts , and review our intake of chemicals – we are looking more and more to replace conventional chemistry with biobased materials of assured provenance .
The Life Cycle Analysis for our leather is based on primary data , independently created by specialist consultants according to ISO14040 and ISO14044 using Sector Guidance - EDP , PEFCR , and PCR standards , calculated using proprietary SIMAPRO software and in reference to the EcoInvent 3.6 database .