Sustainability Report 2021 - Page 31

Sustainability Report 2021

“ Industry 4.0 has provided insight into possibilities for the tannery of the future .”

We are committed to strict ethical standards , fairness , transparency , and equality practices across the Group and within our supply chain . This begins with gender equality , with equal pay for equivalent roles , and extends across all our behaviours – and is enshrined in our commitments under the UNGC .
The health , safety and wellbeing of our employees is paramount . We continue to promote the workplace based Healthy Working Lives initiative , encompassing employee workplace recognition , equal pay and equal rights .
Scottish Leather Group maintains policies and practices to prevent modern slavery and promote a safe working environment . These values are also passed down to our supply chains through adherence to our Code of Conduct .
We take great pride in being an employer who promotes employee wellbeing . We are committed to exceeding ‘ Gold ’ standards of the Healthy Working Lives Programme , an NHS Scotland initiative to help promote positive mental health , health improvement and health and safety .
This year we are investing further in new facilities , with enhanced welfare and working conditions with significant investments in new plant , buildings and automation to mitigate risk .
The Health and Wellbeing committee has been supplemented with a new CSR committee . Internal communications have also increased , with the launch of our internal newsletter , sharing staff successes and activities .
Industry 4.0 has provided insight into possibilities for the tannery of the future with a more efficient and automated process based on the integration of cloud-based systems , enabling higher levels of productivity .
As part of our Operational Excellence programme , the Group is investing in new accounting and automation systems to provide greater integration and automation of processes , to improve production scheduling and right first-time operations . This will be augmented in the coming years with increased traceability of hides using visual tracking systems – each hide of leather will be individually marked with a unique reference , enabling the leather to be traced to the point of origin using blockchain .