Sustainability Report 2021 - Page 2

Scottish Leather Group

“ Innovation is essential to move ever closer to our ultimate goal of zero impact leather manufacturing .

This is exemplified by our use of Life Cycle Analysis to measure the true impact of our activities and to identify opportunities for impact reduction and verification of our supply chains .”

Dr Warren Bowden
Head of Innovation and Sustainability Scottish Leather Group
Auditor Verification Statement from BSI Assurance UK Ltd
The sustainability activities reported by Scottish Leather Group have been independently verified by BSI over the course of an 8 day audit .
The scope of this audit has been :
a . verification of environmental data ( carbon , water , waste , energy and greenhouse gas ) for our UK operations in line with the guidance set out in ISO14016:2020 , to a reasonable level of assurance and a materiality level of 5 %.
b . verification of corporate social responsibility presence and claims via review of the Scottish Leather UNGC Gap Analysis Report – a robust , neutral and universally recognised framework .
Verification has been achieved through mechanisms that included ( a ) evaluation of the monitoring and control systems through interviewing employees , observation and inquiry and ( b ) verification of data through sampling recalculation , retracing , cross checking and reconciliation .
NOTE : BSI Assurance UK Ltd is independent to and has no financial interest in Scottish Leather Group . This verification opinion has been prepared for Scottish Leather Group only for the purposes of verifying its environmental and social data described in the scope above . It was not prepared for any other purpose . In making this Statement , BSI Assurance UK Ltd has assumed that all information provided to it by Scottish Leather Group is true , accurate and complete . BSI Assurance UK Ltd accepts no liability to any third party who places reliance on this Opinion Statement .