Sustainability Report 2021 - Page 17

Sustainability Report 2021

“ The co-products which we produce include collagen for both food and technical use .”

All our raw hides are a by-product of the local beef and dairy industries , from which we have 100 % traceability .
From a Life Cycle Analysis ( LCA ) perspective , the hides represent 1 % of the economic value of the livestock .
They are sourced directly from abattoirs that are subject to daily inspections by Government veterinarians and licensed under UK and EU regulations . This procurement policy ensures that our hides come from healthy cattle herds , certified at the highest level for animal welfare by the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation .
This is directly relevant to SDG2 , and in support of the ambition to create a sustainable food supply chain . Many of our co-products are returned as raw material into the food chain , as collagen – used widely in confectionery and other meat-based products .
Additionally , many of our local charitable efforts include provision of local food distribution and support of local food banks , required by those locally in times of hardship .