Sustainability Report 2021 - Page 13

Sustainability Report 2021
“ To help us achieve our ambitious commitment to transform the business to a regenerative and circular business model , encompassing the entire supply chain from field to wardrobe , we are delighted to be working with business partners , like Muirhead , who can support our responsible business goals and help us fulfil our Made to Last Manifesto .”
Rob Billington
Above : Mulberry ’ s Made to Last marketing campaign . ( Images supplied by Mulberry ) Left : Dr Warren Bowden features in Mulberry ’ s Made to Last campaign .
Supply Chain Director Mulberry
“ Our European Design partner Muirhead produce the world ’ s lowest carbon leather and are committed to being sustainable leather producers . Meaningful and responsible innovation is at the heart of everything we and they do .
“ Sustainable partnerships have become the guiding principle in our product development at TP Vision . The progressive sustainability and cuttingedge innovation program of Muirhead contributes to our ambition to become a fully responsible business .”
Rod White
Consumer products from Philips featuring Muirhead leather . ( Images supplied by Philips TV and Sound TPV )
Global Chief Design Officer Philips TV and Sound TPV