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Cyber Security - How To Spot Malicious Emails From Hackers

Spammers send out billions of spam messages every day . These messages often get flagged by spam filters , and many users routinely discard these annoying messages on a regular basis .
Malicious emails can still get by even the most advanced spam filter systems , however . It is these malicious emails that you should be concerned about .
Malicious emails are one way that hackers try to get access to your private information . If you receive a spam email , you should delete it immediately — do not open any attachments or click any links . It only takes one wrong click , and hackers can gain access to your entire computer .
The tips below will help you better protect yourself when using email .
Phishing emails are one type of email scam . Phishing emails appear to come from legitimate sources and aim to get you to download a malicious file , click a malicious link or provide your personal information .
These messages often use alarming , outrageous , or tempting language designed to get you to respond quickly without thinking .
Below are tips to avoid malicious emails .
Check email sender
Scammers often send emails from email addresses that appear to be legitimate . Spammers sometimes create email addresses where numbers have been substituted for letters ( for example , “ irs-service @ IRS . GOV ”