Surface World February 2020 Surface World February 2020

... we have everything covered r r t you it Suppo vis , t ry even indust LD E WOR C A F R SU 020 LIVE 2 mber h Septe 18-19t Birmingham NEC, Hall 9, read online @ SHOW ISSUE follow us on twitter @surfaceworldmag visit Precision Cleaning Solutions Total Process Excellence Complete Turnkey Supplier • Safe Compliant Solvents • Aqueous Technologies • De-Waxing for Aerospace • Modified Alcohol • Co-Solvent Processes • Equipment Top loading Single Chamber Vacuum • SolveCare Safe Containment • Specialist Technical Support • Process Advice & Trials Perklone MD Solstice PF Solvex HD+ Samsol MC Samsol De-Wax M-Aero Metalnox M6386 Henkel Bonderite CC Hydrosonics Ilsa S.p.A Stand G1 +44(0)1928 597030 LIVE 2020 - we have everything covered Samuel Banner & Co. Ltd Flying the flag of excellence for over 160 years