Sun N Lake November 20 Newsletter - Page 7

Dear Members ,
As we head into November , my team is busy trying to get projects finished up and everything ready for a busy season . Throughout the month , staff will be working on some coquina areas to help with the increase in cart traffic due to the single cart riders and the increase in play . As you play over the next month you will see a lot of new rope and stakes around both courses . This is to protect areas that have been very wet due to large amounts of rainfall over the last several weeks . It is also the new norm as we head into a busy season . As a result of not having continuous cart paths , traffic has been increasingly tough to manage over the last couple of years . Additionally , this season we anticipate added traffic from added rounds as well as an additional 25 - 30 % simply from member rounds in single carts . We will also look to do some additional fertilizer applications as well as aerification to high traffic areas .
As we developed the plan for overseeding both courses we decided to add some additional seed to certain areas to help with traffic flow onto and off selected holes . We will communicate more once the seed is down as to where to drive .
Overall , both courses are healthy heading into season , and we will do our best to keep them that way as long as possible . Looking forward to seeing everyone out on the courses .
Keep it green ,

Earl McMinn Superintendent