Sun N Lake November 20 Newsletter - Page 4

Dear Members ,
We are officially into the fall season . Typically , the weather turns cooler with less humidity . That was not the case for October this year . October was hot , humid and rainy . The courses were very wet , and we had to alter traffic patterns on a few days . I want to first say thank you to everyone for your patience and cooperation when we had to shuffle play around . Also , a thank you for doing your part in taking care of the course . For the most part everyone avoided wet areas and the courses did not incur a significant amount of damage . November should be a much cooler and dryer month .
In November you will see both courses continue to be prepped for over-seed . Some fairways and cart path entrances will be altered in preparation for the seed . When the seed goes down in late November and early December you are going to see increased watering . We will have to water the seed throughout the day and in the middle of play . Typically , there will only be one watering station on at a time . I ask for your patience as we work through the first 2 weeks of the seed going down . It will take a couple of weeks for the seed to fully germinate and grow in .
The Board of Supervisors have approved a 1 year only International Membership . This allows anyone that was a member in the 2019-2020 season , with their permanent residence outside the US , to join on a monthly basis . You can start on the 1st or 15th of any month and join for as many months as you see fit . The family membership price is $ 799 / month + tax . The single membership is $ 550 / month + tax . Monthly unlimited range plans will be offered as well . If you have any questions , please reach out to me directly .
I spoke about our menu plan for the Island View last month . I just want to remind everyone that we are changing featured items every month . You can see the updated menu in the supporting documents of this newsletter . Due to the time change the Island Treats hours will be changing to 11:00AM – 6:00PM Friday , Saturday and Sunday . Please come visit us for an ice cream treat !
As I have stated in the past , safety and the wellbeing of all our members and guests is always our number one priority . I have been working with the local EMS to streamline the response to golfers on the course . If you have an emergency on the course remember your first call is always 911 . You can now tell them what hole and course you are on and they can respond to the nearest access point to that location . I will send a full update to everyone very soon .
See you around the Club ,

Michael LaMere

General Manager