Summer Reads Catalog 2018_Summer Reads Catalog - Final - Page 9

Catherine Ulrich Brakefield by Clyde McCulley Join three kids in their crazy adventures as they come face to face with rattlesnakes, wild razorbacks, and panthers. Fueled by colorful imagination, their travels lead them to a thieves’ cave, an Indian burial ground, a deadly booby trap, and a crazy woman hiding in their “clubhouse.” Destiny’s Whirlwind Collina McConnell promises her dying father she will manage their estate, but he dies before disclosing the mystery behind his legacy for Shushan. Will she find it? Swept into Destiny The battle between North and South rages, Maggie is torn. Where do her loyalties lie? Was Ben right? Had he perceived the truth of what God predestined for America? GRACE OVERCOMES TODAY Sharilynn Hunt Grace Overcomes Today contains a thirty-one-day devotional study. This book captures the struggles, decisions, and victories of a modern-day person comparable to a similar profile during biblical times. Our journey through life may include crisis, change of relationships, or new job opportunities. You will read about a hopeless prostitute, broken relationships, a homeless alcoholic, an unexpected father, a retired man who lost everything, and more. God’s grace and favor intervened to overcome their circumstances. 2018_Summer Reads Catalog.indd 9 03/07/18 11:16 AM