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For reasons known only to Francis Teague, he never told anyone about his adolescent years in the 1940’s. Now on his eighty-sixth birthday his granddaughter while visiting wants to know his story. Unexpectedly he reveals things no one knew including a family secret. George Encizo is an award-winning author and has written five books. Broken Trust is his latest. Encizo is a retired banker and lives in Tallahassie, Florida. When not writing, he enjoys a cup of coffee on the back porch with his wife surveying their gardens. BRUCE A. STEWART “After five years and two tours in Vietnam, Hank Goodman returns to Louisiana. He has changed quite a bit but so have a lot of other things. When Hank takes a job as a deputy sheriff, he begins to believe a killer could be in their midst. Can Hank stop him before he claims his next victim?” 2018_Summer Reads Catalog.indd 5 03/07/18 11:16 AM