Summer Reads Catalog 2018_Summer Reads Catalog - Final - Page 20

Magnolia “Maggie” Rivers The “Shady Rivers” series will introduce you to a small Southern town filled with quirky characters, Southern roots, and love around every corner. In the first book, Magical Mistletoe, New York City Judge Abigail Rutledge returns to her hometown to dispose of her deceased grandmother’s property. Since getting cold feet about marrying her fiancé in New York she decides to try her grandmother’s remedy—picking a husband with the magical mistletoe. Problem is, Abby is afraid of heights and must climb a tree to reach the required mistletoe. Spencer Cartwright, Sheriff of Shady Rivers, must guard the tree every year during the weeks leading up to the Shady Rivers’ Artisan Festival as tourists from far and near and the ol’ wives’ tale of finding one’s true love, something Spence definitely doesn’t believe in, has women of all ages trying their luck at reaching the coveted mistletoe. 2018_Summer Reads Catalog.indd 20 03/07/18 11:16 AM