Summer Reads Catalog 2018_Summer Reads Catalog - Final - Page 18

Teacher: Teaching and Being Taught Dennis L. Peterson Summer 2018 Long-time educator Dr. Charles Walker called this book “a must-read for every Christian school educator.” Written by veteran teacher and author Dennis L. Peterson and organized around the principles of the classic The Seven Laws of Teaching, it provides ideas, information, inspiration, and challenge for every Christian teacher. Look Unto The Hills Dennis L. Peterson This collection of memoirs will leave you laughing, crying, and appreciating the solid Christian values taught to a young boy growing up on a rural dairy farm during the 1950s and 1960s. You might even find yourself longing for the carefree days of playing and learning in the country. A beach read that will even keep the sand crabs hooked. Susan Reichert We all go through storms; not just weather related but physical and emotional storms. Storms can devastate our lives. A storm can be a job loss, the death of someone you love…spouse, child or friend; a child could be in trouble—they could be addicted to drugs or alcohol. A storm could be your marriage is crumbling; relationships with loved ones are in jeopardy. Maybe the storm is the diagnosis the doctor gave you. These are life’s storms. In these pages, you can find help and courage you need to come through your storms; how to overcome your storms, not just survive but have a life to live after the storms. 2018_Summer Reads Catalog.indd 18 03/07/18 11:16 AM