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A Father for Bella J udith N embhard Jill Weatherholt When single mom Faith Brennan discovers the Virginia inn she grew up in is for sale, she’s determined to make a bid. Even if that means going head-to- head with handsome real estate broker Joshua Carlson. But competing with Joshua would be a lot easier if Faith’s young daughter wasn’t growing so attached to him… and if Faith could stop picturing running the inn with Joshua by her side. A secular mindset is beginning to change the culture of a small Christian college in a Pennsylvania town. Professor Lola McIntyre vigorously resists the change trying to set the spiritual life of the college back on course. She has an expected life-changing encounter meeting Jerome Ellison. Change comes to the college, and to Dr. McIntyre. re prevalent With autism becoming mo is exempt ily in society today, no fam disability. s thi by from being touched nal atio pir Judith Nembhard’s ins with the ed cop she memoir shows how with ism aut ’s brokenness of her son lifts el cha Mi . courage and hope. Mr sad. and ny fun lly the spirit—delightfu Linda W. Yezak Earth-bound country veterinarian, JoJo Merritt, never jumped out of anything higher than a hayloft decides to take it to the skies. eyes clamped, knees knocking, and hands clenched. She didn’t realize she was scared of flying. How could she jump from a plane if she was terrified to be in one? Mitch O’Hara can help...JoJo and Mitch–it’s all about that leap! Gary Starta Captain Stanford Carter leaves Boston PD to accept his toughest case with NYC’s FBI, but not alone. Two smart, tenacious women forge an unbreakable bond with him to investigate a cold case involving multiple, brutal killings. Wife Jill Seacrest, forensic expert and and optimistic rookie agent Shania Deeprose. 2018_Summer Reads Catalog.indd 13 03/07/18 11:16 AM