Summer Reading Catalog 2019 Southern Writers_ Summer catalog 2019 (5) - Page 6

Bringing in the T hieves Lora Lee You can’t be a preacher’s kid and cause a little gossip without some serious repercussions. That’s the gospel truth. Lora Lee’s JOYFUL NOISE mystery series for Bell Bridge Books sheds some light on how serious those consequences can be. Frankie Lou Birmingham McMasters returns to her hometown of Ruby Springs, Texas, determined to put the shine back on her tarnished reputation but finds herself a “person of interest” in a murder instead. C ow b oy s Castles and C radles Loralee Lillibridge Surrogate mom, Gracie Castle, never expected to become actual guardian for the twins she carries or inherit a run-down ranch in Texas, either. Whitman Lovett III never expected to rescue a pregnant woman in a pasture during a rain storm. Mistaking him for a cowboy, she offers him a job as ranch hand. He’s tempted, but he’s never been a cowboy. And he’s not telling her different. (DARKHORSE TRILOGY – BOOK 1) Ed Protzel June Chapko Mary Ludwig didn’t have much time left. Wanting to leave a legacy she enlists her friend to help plan an estate sale for after her death. Eight people who attend the sale come to discover God’s hand and Mary’s legacy woven into the items they purchase; and they find their lives changed forever. “...a gripping tale for fans of Southern fiction...a story of deceit, slavery, and dangerous complicities...” — 5 Stars, Readers’ Favorite “...fired by white-hot passions worthy of Margaret Mitchell’s classic tale, Gone with the Wind.” — Goodreads reviewer The DarkHorse Trilogy, Books 2 & 3: Honor Among Outcasts (1863, Missouri), Something in Madness (1865, Mississippi – coming late-2019) Available in print & Kindle