Summer Reading Catalog 2019 Southern Writers_ Summer catalog 2019 (5) - Page 4

J.L. Canfi eld Winner of the 2018 Pencraft award for Best Christian Fiction. Lt Detective Philip Samyn is sent to investigate a museum’s report of a missing laptop. Why is an officer with his experience assigned a low priority case? He suspects he’s being forced out. Little did he know that his investigation would prove we never see a complete picture in life and true sacrificial love is more than we sometimes are willing to pay. J.L. Canfield Relationships, like stories, have two sides. Janet is happy, deeply in love, and ready to start a family. Her husband Paul wishes he had thought beyond the wedding night. Life should not be dull when you’re young. When an accident causes Janet’s rose colored martial house of cards to collapse, it makes her question what it means to forgive as God forgives. How can you do that when your world has shattered? www.jlcanfi The Southern Redemption Series Millie West Coming Soon When Charleston, South Carolina, shipping magnate, Cooper Heath’s beautiful, blond wife goes missing, he never considers his first-cousin, Jeff Radcliffe, to be behind her disappearance. The trilogy follows Cooper’s quest to bring his former friend to justice.