Summer Reading Catalog 2019 Southern Writers_ Summer catalog 2019 (5) - Page 2

Sandra Mansfield Wright The verses, scriptures, and stories related in these books encourage and uplift, pointing the way to a life of greater Joy and Hope. Easy to read books of inspirational and relevant writings for today’s busy reader. SWEET TASTE OF REVENGE MARY ELLIS When a wealthy heiress dies suspiciously aboard a yacht, roving PI Kate Weller is sent back to her hometown where she must face her past, including a murderer out for blood. Can she fi nd Agnes Westin’s killer and clear her brother’s name before an old enemy silences them forever? Set in Pensacola, Florida and Gulf Islands National Seashore, Sweet Taste of Revenge makes the perfect summertime read. T. M. Brown SANCTUA RY A Legacy of Memories Unassuming Shiloh in Southern Georgia offers an idyllic retirement for Theo and Liddy Phillips. They discover the locals are warm and welcoming, but Theo’s curiosity uncovers some secrets that others would have preferred remained hidden. TESTA MENT An Unexpected Return Blossoming friendships and new opportunities invigorate Theo and Liddy Phillips as they settle in Shiloh after their rocky beginning. However, a former resident from the town’s past returns and more tragedy and uncertainty lies ahead.