Summer Reading Catalog 2019 Southern Writers_ Summer catalog 2019 (5) - Page 11

In the year 1480, when dark forces and violence corrupt the European court of the Duke of Nemours. The only hope remains in the hands of the Duke’s daughter Polyxena, a woman of stunning beauty that is coveted by many men. She is entrusted with the mighty secret of a hidden, Templar treasure within her castle, Polyxena arrives at the castle of the Duke of Lorengard-Lorraine only to discover that the arranged marriage to her prospective husband has been foiled. The Duke has been killed in a coup d’état. She is immediately captured, held in isolation and commanded to marry to the new Duke, a cruel man who rules with a combination of force and fear. A mysterious Knight hears of the strength, plans and determination of the beautiful woman, and comes to her aid. He knows she faces many obstacles and counter-plots but he would be willing to risk his life to protect hers, not only for the sake of the people...but his own heart. In the darkest of hours that Polyxena’s strength and courage shines, as her skill of the sword comes in handy against her enemies, and she finds the real meaning of true love in a honorable and noble Knight. The odds are against them, death and despair come from all sides...the two will risk their lives and love for the country they share.