Summer Activities 2013 Wyre - Page 7

Preesall Young People's Centre Sandy Lane, FY6 0EJ Saturday 27 July 12pm to 5pm Orienteering at Beacon Fell/Picnic ~ 14 places only Saturday 10 August 12pm to 5pm Beach Trip to St Annes /Summer Games ~ 14 places only Saturday/Sunday 24 & 25 August 10am to 11am Overnight stay at Daltons Cave, Keswick ~ 14 places only Saturday 31August 10am to 4pm Trip to Blackpool Sandcastle ~ 14 places only For further information ring 01253 775100 Throughout the six weeks of the school holidays, Preesall Young A•½Á±”Ì •¹Ñɔ¥Ì…±Í¼½Á•¸½¸QՕ͑…䁅¹Q¡ÕÉ͑…䁕ٕ¹¥¹Ì¸M•”İİܹåÁ̹±…¹…Í¡¥É”¹½Ø™½È‘•Ñ…¥±Ì½˜İ¡…Н́½¸¸((