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Blondie Female | 2.8 years old | Weimaraner Mix
Ringo Male | 2 years old | Mixed Breed Large
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Ready for a Home

Blondie Female | 2.8 years old | Weimaraner Mix

Blondie came to us from a backyard breeder and the only thing she really knew about was dogs . She loved being around them ; they were familiar and made her feel safe . She had to learn about everything else .
After spending several months with us in foster care , Blondie finally feels secure enough to come into the house from the yard on her own , to eat without running from her bowl , to accept loving pets and sometimes seek them out , and to relax and sleep hard . She is still gawky but that ’ s part of her charm . We continue to work with her on new things and experiences which is not so easy during a pandemic . We have started taking her out for walks now that the weather is warmer and she is doing well .
Blondie is house-trained and crate-trained . She sleeps in her dog bed in our bedroom and willing goes in her crate when we leave during the day . Blondie will need a carefree canine companion in her adoptive home to show her the ropes and boost her confidence . She loves to play with our dogs and enjoys running around our fenced yard . She is all limbs when she plays – imagine a kangaroo / teradactyl / dog mix – but that doesn ’ t stop our boys from having a blast with her . Blondie would also benefit from a quieter home with a routine so she does not have to be on guard for surprises .
Blondie has learned so much about being a house pet . She is ready to find her own family , one that will appreciate how far she has come and will support her as she continues to blossom .

Ringo Male | 2 years old | Mixed Breed Large

Hi , I ’ m Ringo and I ’ m enthusiastic about life ! I ’ m a goofy boy who loves to wiggle and I ’ m ready to wiggle right into your heart ! I ’ m an excellent walker and running around in the yard is my favorite thing to do . Once I get my energy out , I ’ m all good to sit with my people and chill .
I get along with other dogs as long as they enjoy someone with a rowdy play style . I ’ m a bull in a china shop , but I ’ m a CUTE bull in a china shop . When I was in a foster home with 4 other dogs , I loved to play chase with the younger ones . Tug is my favorite game and I ’ ll bring you a toy so we can play . I also love to play fetch , but it ’ s a “ no take , only throw ” kinda game , so you ’ ll have to own multiple tennis balls .
I ’ m crate trained and sleep nicely in my crate at night . My new owners need to be okay with me sitting ON them while we watch television , and they must be okay with me asking “ what did he say ?” and “ who ’ s that ” during our shows . If you ’ ve been looking for a fun new friend , you ’ ve found him !